Držala za baterije znamke Keyu za daljinski upravljalnik

- 2021-07-06-

AAA baterija, is a dry battery standard in the United States, compatible with the AAA baterija standard of the Chinese mainland or the battery standard of Taiwan Province of China.  The cell is cylindrical, 43.6 mm high and 10.1 mm in diameter.  It is a common battery, smaller than AA batteries.  It is often used in small volume and low power consumption of electronic products such as MP3 player, small remote control, etc. Both disposable alkaline batteries, rechargeable nickel hydride, lithium ion batteries.


Keyu so bili vAAA baterija holders manufacturing industry for 20 years, supply for several top 100 enterprises in the world, and many customers have cooperated for more than 10 years. Our AA battery holder and 2 AAA baterija holder are good choices for the remote industry, we provide customers with both standardized AA battery holder and customized holders. We are specialized in design and production for the AA battery holders and AAA baterija holders, hope we can help you with your solutions for remote battery holders!